DEBORAH Smalto Gel Effect Nail Polish-DR227- 33 ITALIAN ROSE

2.500 KWD

“GEL EFFECT glazes guarantee an impeccable manicure

“GEL EFFECT glazes guarantee an impeccable manicure and at the same time easy to achieve thanks to its special high-performance formula, mirror-gloss polish and the surprising plumping effect on the nail.The formula releases a hyper pigmented color and an ultra finish gloss that ensures perfect coverage.The fluid texture, easy to apply thanks to the maxi brush, creates a flexible film to help preserve the enamel from possible shocks.The maxi brush supplied provides an extreme brilliance, without the use of UV lamp, and ensures a perfect opacity and a gel like volumizing effect.The presence of a special filter creates a flexible film that prevents enamel discoloration, making any imperfections less evident. 

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